Publication Ethics

Journal of Contemporary Research on Islamic Revolution is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE ) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.

 The principles of the International Committee on Publishing Ethics are at the address 


Author responsibilities:

-    The submission process requires authors to declare the originality of their papers. Any

signs of plagiarism make us withdraw the paper from consideration.

Cases of plagiarism include:

A) Copying the content of another author’s work without reference to the original work. It may include either words or data in the form of tables, figures and pictures, (literal copying of any content to the article is only permitted when quotation marks are used around the copied content).

B) Using ideas or judgment of another author without reference to the original work. It also includes paraphrasing another author’s words.

C) Re-producing parts of one’s own previous works and presenting it as a new article without reference to the original work.

D) Translation of an article or book chapter from another language and presenting it as an original work.

-   Authors are required to declare the originality of the data and conclusions they have used to write the article.

Cases of fraud include:

A) inventing data in the form of tables, figures, images, interviews, quotations, etc. and using them as if they are real ones.

B) making changes to real data and using it to get to the desired conclusions. it may include omission or modification of either quantitative or qualitative data.

-     Authors are required to declare that their article has neither been published (either electronically or on paper) nor accepted nor is it under consideration in other journals. They should also confirm that they would not send the article to any other journal until they receive the review results from The Contemporary Research on Islamic Revolution. As soon as detected, dual submission would lead to the withdrawal of the article from the review process.

-    Authors are required to declare that they have (and would) not send a translation (in any language) of their article to any other journal worldwide.

-    Authors have to consider the list and order of authors before submission. No additions and deletions or rearrangements in the list of authors would be accepted.

-    Authors are requested to declare whether (and how) their research has been financially supported either by individuals, organizations or governments.

-    The copy right of manuscripts are to be given to the journal by authors; and they may reproduce the content of their published articles as book chapters with permission on demand.