Capacities of Transcendent Philosophy in the Elucidation of Iran’s Revolution

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Associate Professor, Department of Political Philosophy, Islamic Center of Science and Culture, Qom, IRAN.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, IRAN.


Iran’s Revolution has been to date analyzed with a variety of theories, but the gap in the presentation of a native theory for its analysis has been always felt. Given the significance of this subject, the present paper attempts to shed some light on the capacities and position of transcendent philosophy in the analysis of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. In doing so, an attempt was made to theoretically assess the capacity of transcendent philosophy and its impact on the Islamic Revolution, as well as reviewing the literature and background of the subject matter and certain cultural theories regarding the Islamic Revolution of Iran and their deficiencies in the elucidation of this phenomenon. As with existentialism, the gradation of existence, the substantial motion, as well as the special look of this school at human being and society, the theoretical dimensions of the transcendent philosophy has given rise to a critical perspective on the status quo. Additionally, a comprehensive perspective on philosophical, jurisprudential, mystical, sociological, etc. dimensions has been stressed, which paves the way for the analysis of the Islamic Revolution.