Aims and Scope

The Quarterly of "Contemporary Research on the Islamic Revolution" (in English) invites researchers in different domains of social, human and behavioral sciences and authorities as well to submit their academic and research articles with the inclusion of the terms mentioned in the quarterly website within the framework of the following topics:

Journal of Contemporary Researches on the Islamic Revolution:

Quarterly Objectives and Thematic Domain:

Quarterly Objectives:



-Elaboration of the phases of the Islamic Revolution (movement of the Islamic revolution, formation of the Islamic system, formation of the Islamic government, formation of the Islamic community and formation of the Islamic Ummah) and their refection


- Review of the need for access to each of the mentioned phases (institutionalization, system construction, pathological study, renovation and reconstruction)


- Present the approaches to achieve the objectives of the Islamic


Revolution (access to a just society, enjoying justice, freedom, dignity and national generosity, enjoying well-being and being free  from poverty and hunger, having pervasive scientific, economic, political progress and a society without stagnation, recession, without pause and to be in constant progress

Academic Domains:

Suggested themes and pivots:

A)  Foundations, roots and theories

Theoretical bases of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Political thinking of the late Imam ® and the Supreme Leader

Study and analyze the roots of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Theories of Revolution and the Islamic Revolution


B)   History of changes

History of changes that led to the Islamic Revolution

Study the trends of the Islamic Revolution

Political, cultural and economic changes after the Revolution (different states, development plans, etc)


C)   Analysis of performances, functions and achievements

Achievements of the Islamic Revolution inside (political, economic, cultural, social, scientific and technological… achievements)

Reflections and effects of Islamic Revolution on the region and the world

D)  The pathological study of the Revolution

The pathological study of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

The pathological study of the great world revolutions

A comparative study of revolutions, trends, damages, etc


E)   Futures studies of the Islamic Revolution and the Modern Civilization of the Islamic Iran

Futures study of the Islamic Revolution

Islamic Revolution and future changes of civilization

The second step and the steps ahead of the Revolution