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 Journal of Contemporary Research on the Islamic Revolution

Journal of Contemporary Research on the Islamic Revolution is published under a formal scientific-research and rank (b) license from the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran since 2020.


This quarterly publishes papers related to the Islamic Revolution;

This quarterly is an open access journal and Researchers can download the PDF of the text of the papers for free from the journal s website;110 

Journal language: All papers are in English (Abstracts in English and Persian);

Duration average of primary review: Up to 5 days;

Average time to judge papers: 16 weeks, Each paper is sent to at least two reviewers;

Type of judgment: Peer review;

Intellectual rights: All Intellectual rights belong to the author;

The ratio of accepted papers to total papers in each season: 15 percent;

Indexed in databases: Noormags, Google Scholar, Civilica, Magiran, Linkedin, Academia, Researchgate, Jref, SID;

This magazine follows the COPE ethics charter;

Plagiarism: To prevent plagiarism, text similarity detector of SAMIM NOOR is used;

Please read the section on “Author s Guidelines” before submitting your paper and fill in the necessary forms of the quarterly report (Commitment form and Conflict of interest form);

After the judges have confirmed the Persian papers, the authors need to translate them into English

This journal charges for refereeing and publishing articles.




Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 14, December 2022, Pages 1-160 

Science - Research

Analysing and Evaluating Pahlavi’s Purification in Iran in Line with the Jihad-e Tabyin Discourse

Pages 1-18

Roohollah Shakeri Zavardehi; Sohrab Moghddam shahidani

Citizenship Rights in the Context of the Islamic Revolution Discourse

Pages 35-61

Valiollah Safari; Sayyed Mohammad reza Ayati; Asghar Arabian

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