Study of the Ways to Diffuse the Islamic Revolution Values through Hajj Based on the Theory of Diffusion

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Teachings, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, IRAN.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Religions, Religions and Denominations University, Qom, IRAN.

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Quran & Hadith Sciences, Shahed University, Tehran, IRAN.


The theory of diffusion is one of the standard methods on the explanation of the quality of dissemination of innovations, expansion of ideas and thoughts in the area of culture. The present research is an attempt to respond to this question: Is it possible to disseminate the Islamic Revolution values and ideals through the window of Abrahamic Hajj into the world of Islam? If yes, how will be the rate and form of this dissemination? The researcher could achieve the following results in a precise and academic method. In this study, Hajj has been noticed as the route, channel and an instrument to disseminate the Islamic Revolution values, so the route of dissemination is the main topic of the study and other cases have been noticed due to their close relationships with the route of dissemination. Though this route is facing serious practical obstacles, there are potentials for the diffusion of Islamic Revolution values which are the very capacities of Hajj in different dimensions and levels, the most important of which include: epistemological capacities, potential information capacities, capacities to deepen the collective integrity of the Muslims, political, economic as well as cultural capacities. Of course in the route of dissemination, there are basic obstacles and challenges including epistemological, political, economic, cultural, and religious obstacles, as well as psychological war.