Humanism Criticism

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Associate Professor, Department of Theoretical Foundations of Islam, Tehran University, Tehran, IRAN.

2 Ph.D. Student, Theoretical Foundations of Islam, Tehran University, Tehran, IRAN.


Humanism in modern western civilization is a fundamental idea. Underlying root, perhaps, in contradiction of the contemporary West with the Iran Islamic Revolution hidden in the humanistic nature of modernity, since the modern west pivotal view in all dimensions of life is humanistic, and human-like rather than God-oriented one. To this aim, a critical method used. Humanism has two meanings: first, the humans’ rights, kept and their dignity and then, attach prime importance to humans on all grounds. Based on the first, it reduces the possibility of humanism criticism and will display only as an indisputable fact in the past and the present. Humanism term employment of the outside its life domain, along with appendixes such as Islamic, etc. is unnecessary and even forged and incorrect. Concerning the second interpretation, humanism can cultivate from two aspects. First, from the viewpoint of intra thought school and then, from the perspective of inter thought school. Fundamental self-contradiction (either in theory dimension or in practice dimension), is the most basic fault that has made the human-oriented thought school facing crises. The unjust extension of humanism to the outside of its life forms the most basic inter critique of thought school.