Philosophical Evaluation from Science and Technology in a Replacing Civilization with Emphasis on Critical Re-reading of Modern Science

Document Type : Science - Research


Assistant Professor, Department of History, Civilization and Islamic Revolution, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN.


In the present study, the dignity of science and technology in modern civilizations is evaluated as the vital status of the ontological and of "Being" and "Not-Being" type, while emphasizing that the problem description in religious models of new civilization cannot be reduced to the acquisition of modern and strategic science and technologies; Accordingly, this article, while reviewing and critically interpreting Modern Science, in its philosophical and final evaluation of the perspective of science and technology in alternative civilization, emphasizes that the question is the question of "one distinctive awareness infrastructure for thinking," and "redefinition and quality of confrontation with science and technology." While has presented a different configuration of these relations and civilization-making structures that make a difference the way of facing the world and science. Regarding the experiments and the existing capacities after the Islamic Revolution, the transformation of a modern civilization formed how and around what very different and distinct theoretical organization or concept. As a conclusion, while trying to explain the religion of religious society, it emphasizes that science and technology are "Detrimental," "Direction-Finder," and "Renewable" phenomena. Therefore, the religion-based culture and order as the point of consensus and unity of all religions and spiritualists, start their identity limits vis-à-vis science and technology by distancing from the materialistic configurations and technical thought, without negating the science and technology.