Submitting Proofs on Validity of "Islam’s Civilization"

Document Type : Science - Research


Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences, Shahid Mahallati Applied Scientific Education Center of Qom Under the Supervision of the Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences; Researcher of the Center for Religious Studies and Islamic Civilization of the Holy Prophet, Qom, IRAN


In early Islam, developed various theories around the nature of the created civilization, some of which run counter to each other. Denying Islam’s potential for culture, Arabic civilization, eclectic civilization, Muslims’ civilization, and Islamic civilization are the most significant theories advanced about this issue. Yet, the main question is which theory of Islam’s civilization history is authentic enough to be validated. The current research has adopted a historical-analytical method and employed library resources and interviews to collect data. Analyzing and criticizing the theories described above showed that none of these theories deserves an all-out acceptance in the levels of substantiation or historical evolution. This research has finally submitted proofs on the validity of the "Islamic Civilization" theory in the story of demonstration (realization) and the new idea of "Islam’s Civilization" at the level of substantiation. This study attempts to shed light on historical reality and explain the theory consistent with it to prevent elites’ destructive predilection and strategic failures. Considering that the Islamic Republic of Iran has planned toward fulfilling new Islamic civilization, the current study recognized the necessity for exploiting this subject. The innovation of this writing resides in proposing and confirming the theory of "Islam’s Civilization" through substantiation based on historical data and evaluation of existing ideas in terms of weaknesses and strengths.