A Comparative Inquiry Regarding the Party's Activity and Performance in Iran and Turkey (The Study Case: Participation, Justice and Development Party)

Document Type : Science - Research


1 MSc. Political Sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, IRAN.

2 Professor, Department of Political Science and Studies of the Islamic Revolution, Shahid University, Tehran, IRAN.

3 Ph.D. Student, Political Science, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, IRAN


Many social sciences researchers call the presence of democratic parties and systems as two faces of a coin; they regard the development and survival of democratic parties and procedures related to each other. In Iran's cultural and political domain, the participation party presented itself as a significant movement in its socio-political sphere. This party has introduced itself as the defender of Islam in the region and the world. This research emphasizes two categories of structure and performance than the two flows of Iran's participation party and turkey's Justice and development party using an analytical – descriptive method. In response to the research question ‘what are the similarities and differences of the participation party and the Justice and development party in terms of structure and performance?’ presented this hypothesis that the participation party and the Justice and development party lacked a similar party structure. The difference between them is that the participation party has less coherence and antiquity than the justice and development party. Both parties have an Islamic approach; with the difference, the participation party has a variation in trend (national and Islamic) with a no secular system. The Justice and development party enjoy a single direction (Islamic direction) with a secularist approach.