Geo-Cultural Pattern of Islamic Republic of Iran Regarding to Arabic Uprising in Middle East (2014-2011)

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Assistant Professor, Department of International Relation, Kharazmi University, Tehran, IRAN.

2 Ph.D. Student of International Relations, Kharazmi University, Tehran, IRAN.

3 M.A.Quran and Hadith, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN.

4 M.A.International Relations, Azad University, Tehran, IRAN.


Since 2011, the region has been a profound socio-economic changes originated from n Tunisia, & spread to Middle Eastern and the former power structures affected. The management and direction to these uprisings is the key question of this paper. The key question, is the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran how answer to these Middle East public uprisings in the years 2011-2014?

The answer to this question is, Islamic Republic of Iran through the promotion of revolutionary Islam in the region of Middle East, In fact, Iran's strategy towards these developments combined to promote dialogue of resistance against hegemonic and strengthen geopolitical forces aligned with Iran. Thus, on the one hand, Iran has tried to promote revolutionary positions that contradict the intervention of regional powers (Saudi Arabia) and trans-regional (America) and the other hand, Iran, by spiritual support, encouraged the aligned forces to dialogue of resistance to effective involvement in changes. This paper use the method of explanation-analysis