Analysis of Generational Changes and Social Justice in Development Programs of Post-Islamic Revolution in Iran

Document Type : Science - Research


1 Assistant Professor, Islamic Knowledge and Thought Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN

2 Ph.D Student, Of Political Sciences, Political Sciences and Law faculty, Research Science Unit. Azad Islamic University, Tehran, IRAN


Iran's transitioning society, in the face of extensive social, cultural, economic and political changes in recent decades, has been exposed to wide differences in terms of values and behavior among the new generations. Such developments require the special attention of policymakers and government macro-planners. The present article is written with the aim of explaining the level of attention of macro policymakers to generational changes in the form of development plans. The theoretical framework of this article is derived from the approach of Bourdieu's theory of generational conflict, based on attention to the unbalanced distribution of power and wealth resources among generations. This research examines the laws of development programs with an institutional approach and examines the extent of the development program's attention to the transfer of values to reduce the generational gap, as well as the attention of development programs to the balanced distribution of resources and facilities to prevent the deepening of the generational gap. . The results of the research show that in both dimensions of transferring values and trying to distribute resources and create social justice, several policy development programs have been formulated and approved.
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Key words: generational changes, development plans, generation gap, values.


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